FAQ’s for Bicycle Accident Cases

If I am hurt while riding my bike, can I file a claim against the vehicle driver that hit me?

Yes, as long as you could establish that the driver was at fault if you contact a professional personal injury lawyer in Toronto in time of your bicycle accident.

Can I still bring a legal action versus the driver if I was doing something I was not supposed to, such as riding on the wrong side of the street, not using a headgear or not having proper lights or reflectors at night?

Yes. You can appeal as long as you can prove that the motorist or entity was at fault. The bicyclist has the same responsibilities on streets as an automobile driver. Additionally, there are some extra special demands for bicyclists. Adult bicyclists are not required by legislation to wear headgears, although a jury can still find you irresponsible for not wearing a helmet even if you are an adult. Even more, not complying with the legislation by riding on the wrong side of the roadway or otherwise having proper gear to ride during the night can, as well as commonly will certainly be discovered to be negligent behavior on your part. Nonetheless, a bicyclist’s neglect does not remove their ability to take legal action against an additional event; it merely lowers the recovery by the percentage of their fault.Toronto injury lawyer

My youngster was injured killed while riding his bicycle. What Are Our Rights?

Kids, especially children, are not held to the exact same requirement of care for their own safety as adults. Hence, drivers must be much more cautious when they realize that youngsters riding bicycles remain in the area. Even if your kid was negligent, you would certainly have the ability to recover losses against any person responsible for triggering the mishap, including the motorist of the automobile that struck your child.

I was riding my bicycle when I rode over a hole which tossed me off my bike as well as triggered a significant head Injury. Do I Have A Case?

Yes. You have a possible case. If you can establish that public or personal property was preserved in a harmful condition which it was foreseeable that somebody would be riding a bike over that property, you will typically be able to bring a case. Nevertheless, to win the case you need to verify that the possessor or proprietor created should have found out about the situation and cannot fix or warn of the danger. Call our injury law firm to consult with a bicycle accident lawyer in Toronto to discuss your bicycle accident case.